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Mercedes Benz SilverFlow


Mercedes Benz SilverFlow » image 1

Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow is the most traditional shape we’ve seen so far of the 2007 Design Challenge entrants. It looks like a futuristic car with a super sleek designed inspired by Merc racers of yore. The designers, however, didn’t leave their imaginations at the door, having crafted the SilverArrow from micro-metallic particles that can be arranged by magnetic fields into pre-selected forms kept on the car’s key fob. For easy storage, the entire car can melt into a puddle of metallic goop, only to be reassembled by the power of magnets when you’re ready to drive again.

Mercedes Benz SilverFlow » image 2

The Future According to Mercedes-Benz: After the market was flooded with cheap carbon fiber from China in the early 2020s, Mercedes-Benz engineers went on the hunt for a new material that would be exclusive enough for automobiles crowned with the silver star. They found their ingredient when downloading the classic film Terminator 2: Judgment Day into their brains via the NetFlix neural delivery service. Inspired by the T-1000 character’s liquid metal form, Benz engineers went about reverse engineering the technology that came back from 2029 to 1991. Because of their efforts, the world was blessed with liquid metal a few years before it was supposed to be developed by Skynet. Take that future computer overlord!Mercedes Benz SilverFlow » image 3

Mercedes Benz SilverFlow » image 4

Mercedes Benz SilverFlow » image 5


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leave a response    8:53 am    October 21st, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
 Filed in : vehicles    Tags: none
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2 Responses to “ Mercedes Benz SilverFlow”
sara Says:

dooste aziz salam
omidvaram ke khoob bashid
ashnaee ba shoma va sitetoon baraye man besyar masroor konande bood
az an zaman gah o bigah be site sar mizanam va estefade mikonam
dar haghighat baraye reshteye man ketabe doa mahsoob mishe!
in designe mercedes benz kheyli aliye besyar lezat bordam
man chand vaght pish dashtam yeki az design haye mercedes benz ro negah mikardam ke dar vaghe bionic design bood va az badane mahi elham gerefte shode bood
agar mayel bashid URL oono behetoon midam:

rooze khoobi ro baraye shoma arezoo mikona

mercedes-benz silverflow: sarah connor rakétával üdvözölné Says:

[…] csak be kell zizzenteni a mágneseket, aztán irány Toronto. Remélhet?leg még a vízen át. (via) 2 Comments, Comment or […]

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