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WMK A-16 Shower Enclosure Unit


WMK A-16 Shower Enclosure Unit » image 1

Enjoy the pleasures of the WMK A-16 steam shower in your own home. This unit is a fully-loaded steam shower enclosure with a built-in steam generator, hydrotherapy foot massager, radio/stereo inputs and much more for your therapeutic experience. We are confident that you will indulge in a state of complete relaxation and tranquility with all the features of this steam bath enclosure.

• 6 Acupuncture Body Massage Jets

• 6mm Aqua Blue Tinted Tempered Safety Glass

• Ventilation System

• Foot Massage with WMK Foot Scrub System

• Heavy Aluminum Door Frame

• 3,000 Watt Steam Generator with Digital Timer

• Electronic Steam Temperature Control

• Integrated Volume Control - Hands Free System - WMK Microphone

• Halogen Lighting

• Oversized WMK Sunflower Shower Head with Easy Clean System

• Multifunctional Handheld Showerhead

• Towel Bar

• One Overhead Speaker

• Storage Shelves

• Drain Kit

• Ozone Sterilization Function

Steam Generation
The high-speed and high-efficiency steam engine can produce high temperature steam in a short time and this helps you to expedite your blood circulation. It keeps your whole body relaxed, eliminates fatigue and resumes physical strength. It has a curative effect on rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenic and is an effective way to reduce weight. You can maintain suitable temperature and master the time well according to your need using computerized LCD control panel.

Acupuncture Massage
The spray nozzles were strategically positioned based on the human skeleton structure, channels, subsidiary channels, acupuncture points and tendons in mind. It will promote your body’s blood circulation, invigorate your body’s cells, self-adjust your brain, clear up tiredness and prevent chronic disease. Sit back against the hydro-massage jets and enjoy an acupuncture massage for your back muscles now!

Bright White Fluorescent Lighting
Fluorescent lighting adds romance and creates mystery especially when it is the sole lighting source in your bathroom.

Computerized LCD
The LCD computer control panel displays power on/off, lamp, steam, ozone disinfector, fan, telephone, radio, CD input, and alarm functions on this unit.

Foot Massager
The adjustable foot massager is a wonderful added benefit. In certain cultures, the foot is considered to be the perfect homeopathic map of the human body. Taking care of your feet is one giant step towards a lifetime of good health. Magnetic therapy ? used for centuries to cure muscular maladies ? will make your feet feel better right away. Combined with 2 jets and mechanical force, your feet receive spa-style attention that will roll away aches and pains. The unique rubber-ribbed roller will soothe your arches and give your feet better support.

Rainfall Ceiling Shower
The oversized shower head delivers a gentle cascade of water that will make you feel refreshed and renewed. And if you turn on the highly decorative circular roof lamp, you’ll feel as if you’re showering under the shimmering moonlight.

Handheld Showerheads
A handheld showerhead lets you rinse off cleanly, quickly, and with more flexibility.

Ozone Sterilization System
Warm standing water can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. But the built-in Ozone Sterilization System cleans away potentially harmful contaminates in seconds. With one touch of a button, you’ll kill bacteria in an instant. You’ll feel confident knowing that the next user will enjoy a germ-free sauna? time after time.

High Quality Sound System and Telephone
The high-quality, surround-sound speaker system is connected to the radio, telephone, and is compatible to an external CD player. It’s your one-stop, one-button communications center. The built-in microphone lets you dial and talk on the phone from the comfort of your sauna. With the remote control, you can turn the stereo into a speakerphone. When the phone is being used, the music stops automatically.


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