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MAINNAV Innovator MW-705 Multifunctional BT GPS Watch


MAINNAV Innovator MW-705 Multifunctional BT GPS Watch » image 1

Bulky but lots of features in this Innovator MW-705 Multifunctional BT GPS Watch from MAINNAV.

It has an OLED display, heart-rate sensor, Speed + Distance, Temperature Sensor , with a high sensitivity SiRF Star III LP chip pulsing away.

I’ve got a feeling that we might do a hands-on review on this timepiece very soon.

We already have the manual and the full specs, so stay tuned!


OLED display: Using organic light-emitting diode (OLED) 1. 5 inch
Heart-rate sensor, Speed +Distance Sensor ,Temperature sensor
countdown timer, Alarm reminder
GPS:High sensitivity SiRF Star III LP chip
Watch Physical size:69 X55X23.5(mm) Weight 75g
Bluetooth 2.0 (optional) transmission 10 meters
GPS record—location recorded
Battery: Li-ion 400 mA/h, battery life: Normal use 66 hours
Charger interface: mini USB
Product Feature
Bluetooth– transmission GPS signal to any devices (PDA, smart
phone and so on) for Navigation.
Equipped with GPS SiRF star III
Separation of watchband, with lanyard can hang on neck for
Special bike frame for biking, trainer could easy see the speed while
Display speed/distance/ temperature
Time correction
Water resistant (IPX7)
Altitude/elevation data GPS- provided altitude with vertical
Comfortable, adjustable and flexible strap
Smart Power Saving mode
1-year warranty

Technical Spec
Charger voltage:4.200_+ 0.049V
Battery capacity: Typical 400mAh Minimum 350mAh,
Operating temperature: Charge 0~45°C discharge-10° ~50°
Operating temperature: -40oC to +85oC
Storage temperature: -45oC to +100oC.
1) SiRF Star III LP chip
2) Acquisition:20 channel parallel
3) Tracking: up to 12 satellites
4) Update rate: 1 second
5) Acquisition time
Reacquisition 0.1 sec, averaged
Snap start 3 sec, averaged
Hot start 6 sec, averaged
Warm start 38 sec, averaged
Cold start 42 sec, averaged
Heart rate sensor
Use IR(Infrared ) sensor –to monitor your heart beating
(put your finger on the sensor)
Transmits up to 10 meters.
SPP Profile, V2.0
Bluetooth only for transmission GPS signal to any devices (PDA,
smart phone and so on) for Navigation.

Gift box
Innovator MW-705
USB interface charger
Travel charger
Owner’s manual
Bike frame


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