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Archive for ' September, 2007 '

LAPBEAT: Percuss Beats On Your Lap

LAPBEAT: Percuss Beats On Your Lap » image 3

People like to express themselves by sharing their emotions with others. Music is used as one of the most significant measures of communicating one’s feelings. Lapbeat is a digital percussion instrument that can be played anywhere, in any position, and at anytime. Lapbeat has been designed with precise ergonomic considerations for playing in a sitting position.

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Candle Holder

Candle Holder » image 1

Candle stop thing provides for confusion!
Candle? No! Not electrical candle owner for the plug socket.

Candle is not contained in the scope of supply.

This “candle holder” plays with the idea of electricity versus natural light. It’s not electric, it’s simply a candleholder that is held up by a socket. Unfortunately, not available in the US.

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Gold Plated Macbook Pro

Gold Plated Macbook Pro » image 2

Computer Choppers are building a one-off unit. Moreover, they offer a wide range of customizing for the laptops other than the Apple logo. Price varies as every logo customization is different. Anyway, it costs between $1200 and $1500 to 24kt gold plate a MacBook Pro. Now, they have shown some more images.

See more images after jump…

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AMP Speaker

AMP Speaker » image 1

AMP is a universal active speaker for Ipod or laptops. Active speakers don’t need an external amplifier since the amplification happens inside. So all you need to do, is hook it up to a music source and you’re set. The AMP refers to the time before transistor radios. Back then, radios looked like giant pieces of furniture, since it took a lot of space to put all the technology needed. Nowadays, because of innovations like the transistor, music equipment became something that is sold in boxes meant to be hidden in some piece of furniture. The AMP however doesn’t hide it’s true nature.

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Pandora Design Spoon Plate Folk: A Must Have Collection

Pandora Design Spoon Plate Folk: A Must Have Collection » image 4

Pandora design makes creative, colorful and totally disposable dining sets. Perfect find for a snap party!

See more design after jump…

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ETNA Mobile Phone

ETNA Mobile Phone » image 2

This design revolves around the charger unit. The eye-catching opening in the middle fulfils two functions: storing the phone and charging it. On the one hand, ETNA fits onto an adapter which is plugged directly into an electrical socket: the phone is charged via induction and an illuminated, colour-coded ring on the charger adapter shows the respective charging status.

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cy·fi, the world’s first wireless bicycle speaker and ultimate iPod accessory, offering cycling professionals and enthusiasts a unique listening experience, will be unveiled next week at Interbike 2007 ( in Las Vegas. Slightly larger than a deck of cards and weighing less than three ounces – cy·fi’s incredibly compact design is the first revolutionary product of its kind to be introduced to the cycling world. Portable, and easily mounted on any bicycle mainframe, cy·fi enables users to enjoy all of their digital music, offering unprecedented sound quality and battery life, while eliminating the safety concerns associated with headphones or earbuds when riding.

0 comment filed    7:56 am    September 27th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Sony Vaio G2 Series

Sony Vaio G2 Series » image 1

The Vaio G Series is the direct but stylish competitor to the Panasonic R6 series, and today Sony is pleased to announce us that their little wonder will be available in 3 different colors, with a choice of 2 Core 2 Duo CPU (U7600 or U7500), and a choice of 3 SSD (32/48/64GB), as well as several HDD seizes.

1 comment filed    7:30 am    September 27th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Transformable Table Chair

Transformable Table Chair » image 2

Sometimes you need an extra chair and sometimes you need a table. These modern chairs can be either or depending on your needs. By simply pushing the two chairs together they transform into a table. Each chair has a notch to slide in one another. Now unused seating has some other place to go. When you’ve got visitors and need an extra chair or two you simply pull them apart.

0 comment filed    7:14 am    September 27th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Paper Lounge

 Paper Lounge » image 1

Computers could have been the biggest tree-saving invention of all time, yet here we are, “paperless office” still just a dream and trees being cut down faster than ever. Award-winning creative architect duo Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen at molo design in Vancouver, Canada, are not discouraged by this. They have decided to ensure that paper does some serious work at the office.

0 comment filed    1:54 pm    September 26th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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