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Airwash Waterless Washing Machine


Airwash Waterless Washing Machine » image 1

Airwash is a waterless washing machine for the home of 2020

A waterless washing machine that removes stains from garments within a few minutes, without the use of detergents. The AirWash, which won the ElectroLux Design Lab 2005 Award, uses negative ions, compressed air and deodorants to clean clothes; the form was inspired by the waterfall, which just so happens to be nature’s own negative ion factory. It can be used for cleaning garments of all kinds, though the judges took special note of AirWash’s potential to make convential, eco-superfreaky dry cleaning obsolete. AirWash also stands to help save lots on energy costs and water consumption, and has lots of potential for places without ready access to clean water.

Airwash Waterless Washing Machine » image 2
Airwash does away with the expensive, time consuming task of going to the dry cleaner. Airwash is a waterless washing machine for the home of 2020. Eliminating the use of detergent and precious water resources, it cleans clothes with pressurized air and negative ions - nature’s cleansing agent. Its form is inspired by the waterfall, nature’s negative ion generator. Its touch-light interface marries function with emotion, humanizing the often-mechanical experience when handling household applianc
Airwash Waterless Washing Machine » image 3


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leave a response    7:46 am    August 26th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
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3 Responses to “ Airwash Waterless Washing Machine”
Zola Says:

This gives me hope that by 2020 our planet will be under safe custody if such eco-friendly products keep on producing.

Darcy Says:

So, if you have spots, satins, or DIRT on your clothes, where would those go? Clean is more than just absense of odor, it is also the removal of soil. This isn’t cleaning, this is just a de-stink machine. Not exactly a serious threat to cleaners who DO remove soil and stains.

Linda Hill Says:

is there a place i can go to see this machine and how much does it cost

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