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Archive for ' August, 2007 '

Flux Power Cable Management Desk

Flux Power Cable Management Desk » image 1

The Flux e-desk is a personal desk/chair unit designed primarily for use with a laptop computer. It incorporates power cable management through the flush faced storage bay which is revealed by applying light pressure with the palm of the hand. The hard shell exterior provides the structural rigidity for the cantilever and the soft interior provides the seat cushion and padding on the underside of the desk to prevent leg and knee impacts.

0 comment filed    5:24 pm    August 30th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Argument Chair

Argument Chair » image 1

The ‘Argument’ Chair sports unique and witty design, but don’t be frightened by the extreme look. It is functionally comfortable and easily becomes a favorite.

This chair features locking casters on rear legs for mobility and adjustable stainless leveling front feet for uneven surfaces.

0 comment filed    5:09 pm    August 30th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Edra’s Fortuna Love Chair

Edras Fortuna Love Chair » image 1

Edra’s Fortuna chair by Leonardo Volpi ~ the perfect four leaf clover to curl up in.

0 comment filed    7:57 am    August 28th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Palladium USB Flash drive

Palladium USB Flash drive » image 1

Those of you with fat pockets and a taste for fashion can consider buying astronomically priced Lacquer and Palladium flash drive by S.T. Dupont. The legendary luxury goods maker has manufactured a 2GB USB pen drive bearing its signature diamond-head pattern in three colors — turquoise blue, soft pink, and black. It’s now available for $700.

0 comment filed    7:48 am    August 28th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
 Filed in : Luxury, Media, USB    Tags: ,

JVC Quasar 360 Degree Speaker

JVC Quasar 360 Degree Speaker » image 2

The dodecahedron (12 sided) shaped object you see actually consists of 12 speakers which allow for non-directional 360 degree sound field. Which also means the new speakers can be positioned anywhere in a very flexible matter. Now with sound radiating equally in each direction, the speakers become invisible, only the sound emanating from them remains.

0 comment filed    7:24 am    August 28th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Tie Clip MP3 Player Concept

Tie Clip MP3 Player Concept » image 1

The Tie Clip MP3 player concept not only offers you the ability to put on a tie in the fastest manner possible, it even provides you with some audio entertainment as you sit through the long commute. Designed by Jin Woo Han, it comes with a single line LCD that allows you to flash a short message to all and sundry.

0 comment filed    7:14 am    August 28th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Deseo Lifestyle Caravan

Deseo Lifestyle Caravan » image 1

The LIFESTYLE presents a new caravan generation: Harmonious material combinations through zebrano wood optics and materials in earthsound, much light and brightness generally speaking caravan and each quantity of unusual detailed solutions.

1 comment filed    7:32 am    August 27th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
 Filed in : Luxury, vehicles    Tags: ,

Airwash Waterless Washing Machine

Airwash Waterless Washing Machine » image 1

Airwash is a waterless washing machine for the home of 2020

A waterless washing machine that removes stains from garments within a few minutes, without the use of detergents. The AirWash, which won the ElectroLux Design Lab 2005 Award, uses negative ions, compressed air and deodorants to clean clothes; the form was inspired by the waterfall, which just so happens to be nature’s own negative ion factory. It can be used for cleaning garments of all kinds, though the judges took special note of AirWash’s potential to make convential, eco-superfreaky dry cleaning obsolete. AirWash also stands to help save lots on energy costs and water consumption, and has lots of potential for places without ready access to clean water.

3 comments filed    7:46 am    August 26th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
 Filed in : Technology    Tags: ,

Vessel Lamp By Michelle Kaufmann

Vessel Lamp By Michelle Kaufmann » image 1

he first in a series of modern, sustainable lighting from Michelle Kaufmann Designs.

The Vessel brings stylish, affordable, eco-friendly lighting to your entry and interiors. Its minimal design and superior craftsmanship offer years of continuous use at a fraction of the expense and energy consumed by traditional incandescent lighting.

0 comment filed    7:29 am    August 26th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Marc Justus Comandare Chair

Marc Justus Comandare Chair » image 1

Design study and prototype based on the famous Herman Miller® Aeron Chair, inspired by modern consumerism. The design is targeted at the young digital generation, which has a reputation for living a rather sedentary and TV-filled existence. It takes the ergonomic office chair to the next level by making it a recliner-like lounger suitable for supine computing.

0 comment filed    7:10 am    August 26th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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