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Duofone Phone Concept


Duofone Phone Concept » image 2

No one can deny the power of 2. Two heads are supposed to be better than one. The number 2 is the smallest prime number and the only even one. It’s also the most divisible number. If that weren’t enough evidence, 2 is the number of DNA strands that make up the double helix structure. The common denominator here is the number 2 denotes cooperation and that’s where the Duofone concept begins.

Duofone Phone Concept » image 1
The Duofone looks like any other slick concept but this time, it’s not about megapixels, or screen resolution, or even smartphone abilities. It’s about putting two of them together to combine their screen real estate. It’s about sharing each other’s battery power if one is low. It’s about increasing its abilities when paired with its partner. It even looks like a couple in bed when docked to its charging cradle.


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leave a response    11:42 am    July 10th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
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