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Cyber Snipa Warboard


Cyber Snipa Warboard  » image 6

Cyber Snipa, a leading manufacturer and marketer of unique and revolutionary PC gaming products and peripherals, today announces the U.S. debut of the Warboard, a new one-of-a-kind gaming keyboard. The Warboard features intelligent macro programmable keys for customizable gameplay and gives users the tactical support they need to defeat any opponent in PC Gaming. The Warboard is currently shipping with a suggested retail price of $69.99.

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Cyber Snipa Warboard  » image 1
The Warboard keyboard is custom built to cater to the demanding requirements of professional gamers and is ideal for fast-paced First Person Shooter, Real Time Strategy, Role Playing and MMO gaming. The Warboard is packed with novel, high-end features to help dominate the competition.
Cyber Snipa Warboard  » image 2
“The Team at Cyber Snipa has a long-standing, proud tradition of bringing PC gamers high quality, innovative, and unique gaming products and peripheral devices. The new Warboard gaming keyboard is no exception,” states Gavin Bernstein, Director of Sales and Marketing for Cyber Snipa. “The Warboard will truly revolutionize the gaming experience. The unique Macro-Force software, removable custom keys and sleek ergonomic design all work to ensure a competitive advantage for the novice and professional PC gamer alike.”
Cyber Snipa Warboard  » image 3
The Warboard’s proprietary Macro-Force software allows users to automate in-game actions. This software allows gamers to set the macro keys as hotkeys for any combination or sequence of keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks that the user desires. With the simple press of a single key, users see repetitive actions completed with total accuracy and efficiency. The Warboard comes equipped with five macro keys on both the far left and far right hand sides, making a total of 10 physical macro keys. At the top of the keyboard next to the media hotkeys is a “macro mode” button. When this is pressed the macros keys switch to either the first or second profile, extending the Warboard’s maximum amount of assignable macro keys to 20.
Cyber Snipa Warboard  » image 4
The Warboard includes a full set of 17 replaceable combat keys. Colored differently to the other keys — a light gray instead of the standard black — the replaceable combat keys are a great way to ensure a user’s hand stays where it should be when gaming. This is particularly helpful for novice gamers. The replaceable combat keys — with symbols such as a knife, a pistol and sub-machine gun — help guide the user in gameplay and ensures their keyboard stands out from the others at LAN parties.
Cyber Snipa Warboard  » image 5
The Warboard has a windows key lock button that essentially deactivates the windows key — a must-have for all gamers. This negates the possibility of accidentally opening the Windows Start menu while in the process of gaming. The Warboard also offers a full array of media hotkeys including volume up and down, mute, forward, back and stop. Also included is a Home, E-mail browser and Find hotkey.

Today more than ever, gamers are demanding high quality PC gaming equipment. The Warboard comes with a sleek “Armor Plate” finish, offers a unique anti-ghosting key architecture and responsive tactile key feedback, which all work to guarantee top-of-the-line performance and to deliver the best gaming experience possible to the user.

The Warboard retail box comes with the Warboard keyboard, a palm rest, an instruction manual with warranty, a CD installation disk, 17 replacement combat keys and a key removal tool.

Cyber Snipa will be promoting the Warboard and its other high-end PC gaming products this summer and holiday season with its reseller partners including Amazon, Dell,, Tiger Direct, Radio Shack, DataVision, Tech Depot, Xoxide, Crazy PC and Frozen CPU, among others. These promotions will be comprised of Mail-In Rebates, LAN Event sponsorships and various prize giveaways.


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