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The 342mph Environmentally Friendly Supercar


The 342mph Environmentally Friendly Supercar » image 2

The Acabion GTBO can hit staggering speeds at up to 90 miles per gallon - the sort of fuel consumption you’d be thrilled to achieve in a small, super-efficient diesel car.

Accelerating from 0-224mph in 20 seconds, it will leave any Ferrari standing

Even though the Swiss car can hit almost 350mph, its top speed is limited to 292mph -still far quicker than the world’s current fastest road car, the 253mph Bugatti Veyron.

It also trumps the huge Bugatti’s 16.4litre engine - with a capacity of just 1.4 litres.

The 342mph Environmentally Friendly Supercar » image 1
Although its engineer Dr Peter Maskus insists it is a supercar, it has more in common with a motorbike, with a motorcycle engine, wheels, tyres and bike-style in-line seats.But it also has two smaller wheels on hydraulic arms that stay up at speed but can be lowered to aid stability while travelling more slowly or if balance is lost.

It also has a separate 2kw electric motor for short, low-speed journeys and reversing.

The Acabion emits fewer greenhouse gases than a family saloon, leading its makers to claim it could be the future of motoring.

Dr Maskus said: “I’ve driven lots of supersports cars but they’re all totally inefficient.
The 342mph Environmentally Friendly Supercar » image 3
“They still originate from the horse-drawn carriage, with four big wheels and a wide, rectangular shape. To build a supercar that is super-wide is not understanding physics at all.

“In nature, everything that is fast –sharks, falcons and cheetahs - is lean.”

Around 26 will be built over the next four years, each with a £130,000, 26-speaker hi-fi.

At 62mph, it can travel almost 1,500 miles on a 90-litre tankful - around 75mpg.


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    One Response to “ The 342mph Environmentally Friendly Supercar”
    Nils Says:

    The Veyron’s cillinders have a capacity of 7993cc on 16 cilinders and 4 turbochargers (not 16.4 liters) :) grtz from Belgium

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