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Scandyna Pod Speakers


Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 1


We dare to be different. Our vision is to reproduce superb sound quality while redefining conventional speaker aesthetics.

The Minipod loudspeaker follows an organic design, where ‘form follows function’. Each characteristic of the design has a precise acoustical justification. The Minipod is essentially an amalgamation of three spheres to form one pressure-vessel, minimizing cabinet vibration, sound radiation and distortion, allowing sound waves to move more freely.

Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 16


Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 3
The Cinepod is the ideal building block that eases planning a surround system for all your home cinema needs. Used as surround speaker or as dedicated centre channel, Cinepod can be added at any point to expand your system to all current standards which currently allow the use of up to 10 surround speakers in your home cinema.

Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 4

Like other Scandyna products, great care has been given to the engineering and design of the Cinepod.

Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 5
Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 6
The drop

With a goal of never making compromises on the sound, even though adding a fresh and innovative design based on organic forms, true and amazing products come alive.

We bring you The drop!

The sound of The drop take the best of the Scandyna technology. Our vision is to reproduce superb sound quality and it is our effort to make your listening experience a true blessing.

With a selection of 6 powerful colours and with four different ways to place your speaker, you get a maximum of flexibility to choose from.
Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 7
Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 8

Micropod SE

Curvy, colorful and compact. The Micropod SE set new standards for quality design and engaging sound.

With top quality components, including a kevlar bass/midrange unit, a soft dome tweeter and an extra durable finish, the speakers set new standards for small designer systems. Building on our well known reputation to break away from traditionally built speakers without compromising sound quality, the curvy Micropod SE dares you to think square. Do you dare?

Micropod SE Active

Even with an build in active amplifier, still Micropod SE Active are curvy, colorful and compact. The Micropod SE Active series are perfect speakers for your small MP3 stereo or as the perfect sound system for your computer.
Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 9
Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 10

A blasting amplifier supplies the kevlar bass/midrange unit and the soft dome tweeter the precise and crisp sound bringing you on stage with your favorite music. Just as you always wanted it to be.


Combining an amazing Minipod with the heavy bass from a Megapod subwoofer – sound to good to be true? Well, the Megapod is obviously the only right solution for you!

Bringing a precise and perfectly harmonized wide sound, the Megapod is perfect for the larger living room with the powerful surround system. This solution is delivered with both the Minipod and the Megapod subwoofer.

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Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 12

Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 13

Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 14

Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 15

Scandyna Pod Speakers » image 2

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