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Megatouch Elite Edge ION : Touch Screen Tabletop Gaming Console with Joystick


Megatouch Elite Edge ION : Touch Screen Tabletop Gaming Console with Joystick » image 1

The Megatouch Elite Edge ION is a fantastic small touch-screen game unit packed with the latest technology. It’s size makes it perfect for tabletop placement.

The Megatouch Elite Edge ION features both a touch screen, and a joystick for those tricky games.

It’s low profile stylish design is also engineered for comfortable play in table-top spots.

The Megatouch ION Fusion includes a 700 Mars® note stacker which can hold 700 notes.

Product Features:
• Coin operated - Please call us on 0870 428 0958 to select the currency you require.
• 15 inch touch-screen
• Joystick
• Electronic Operator Key gives secure 1-touch access to all operator functions– no need to even open the unit
• ION 2007 software with over 160 games, featuring 11 joystick games
• Full motion video
• Stunning 3-D graphics
• Instant zero-setup wireless linking
• Jukebox linking capability
• Ruggedized 40GB hard drive, guaranteed for life of machine, if software updated at least every 2 years
• Patented revenue tower with separate locks for cash and service areas
• Steel-encased cash box
• Frontal access for easy maintenance
• Theft-deterrent weight
• One-minute Quick-Click™ software updates
• Easy access port for DVD updates

Software Features:
• Intuitive new ION 2007.5 menu system
• 11 Joystick games and more to come
• New joystick games include: Tuxedo Run, Pack Rabbit, Chug Monkey, Breakin’ Bricks, Chip Away, Lookout, Vinci-Ball
• Games super-enhanced by the ION’s superior graphics and faster processor: Coco Loco, Chug Monkey, Draggle Drop, Sudoku6, Luxor, Feeding Frosty, Monkey Bash, Treasure Trivia
• Attractive ION 2007.5 decals and lighted marquees (17′ and Fusion only) promote new software
• 20 exciting new or enhanced games

H 450mm
W 440mm
D 390mm
Approx Weight 30Kg


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