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Floater : Vertical Stand For Macbook


Floater : Vertical Stand For Macbook » image 1

Smart Notebook Computing.
If you connect your notebook computer to a large screen, at work or home, Floater is designed for you. It combines high technology with elegant styling. Close your MacBook pro, connect a keyboard, a screen and a mouse, and you have created a perfect working environment.
The Floater is machined from a single block of aluminum, which lends it great stability and optimum cooling power by spreading the heat around.
The two small panels around your computer are of minimal height and width, but sufficient to meet the product’s two requirements; to hold your computer perfectly, and to let you set it up as easily as possible.

Floater : Vertical Stand For Macbook » image 2
A machined, a floating sensation
MacBook Pro is a computer of rare beauty. We designed Floater to complement this beauty. Floater is a combination of various parts, each one machined from a block of Aluminum. The whole structure gives a floating sensation, which belies its perfect stability.
Try to imagine the same base made of plastic or with a steel plate. This product has been created using a unique technique of metal sculpture. Every component offers the strength and solidity of metal, and the pure lines of the design give an impression of lightness.
Floater : Vertical Stand For Macbook » image 3
The precision for Useuality
The side panels are as narrow as possible to ensure perfect stability and the easiest fit. It may look unstable, but the Floater will not move. The reason for this great stability is the precision, to a tenth of a millimeter, used to calculate the right gap between the two panels so Floater and MacBook Pro fit together snugly. The inside of the panels is covered with very thin sheets of silicon that protect the computer without interfering with cooling performance.
And, since every MacBook Pro is unique, we have left 2mm room for adjustment where the panels join.
Floater : Vertical Stand For Macbook » image 4
Practical design
The cutouts you see on the base of Floater are our specialty. Put your cables through the spaces and you will never have to look for them again! Once your cables are organized, they won’t clutter your desk anymore, which will match the elegance of MacBook Pro and Floater.
The gap between the panels depends on the width of the central block. We are working to produce even narrower models, so this part will probably be upgraded in our future models.

Floater : Vertical Stand For Macbook » image 5

Floater : Vertical Stand For Macbook » image 6

Floater : Vertical Stand For Macbook » image 7


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