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Weber Sportcars Carbon-Fiber Concept


Weber Sportcars Carbon-Fiber Concept » image 2

Top Marques Monaco is the show that tops them all. It is only about the fastest, most exclusive sports cars in the world. And it is the perfect venue to introduce new ideas.

The Swiss company Weber Sportcars had announced in advance that it would unveil an entirely self-developed carbon-fiber car at the show. The reality exceeded even the wildest expectations with an organic, and completely individual — one might say bizarre — appearance.

Weber Sportcars Carbon-Fiber Concept » image 4

The 177.2-inch two-seater measures 80.3 inches wide and 45.3 inches high. The entire car was designed and built in-house, including the 143-pound aluminum chassis and carbon-fiber body.

Under the tweaked hood lurks a supercharged 900-horsepower, 7.0-liter engine. Its 775 pound-feet of torque enables the 2,425-pound coupe to get from zero to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Top speed is claimed to be over 249 mph.
Weber Sportcars Carbon-Fiber Concept » image 3
There are four fuel tanks that will hold a total of 29 gallons of gasoline — which we’ll bet a driver can go through quickly at the speeds at which this car would be driven.
Weber Sportcars Carbon-Fiber Concept » image 5
Pricing of the forthcoming car has not yet been made public, but it has been revealed that standard spec will include active four-wheel drive, traction control, a rearview camera and a rain sensor.Weber Sportcars Carbon-Fiber Concept » image 6

Basic components:

* Complete body from carbon (CFK)
* The chassis consists of high-quality aluminum

* sequential gearbox with semiautomatic and full automatic shift mode
* High Performance 7.0l V8 supercharged mid mounted and intercooled engine with dry sump, 900hp and 1050Nm with different engine management modes (comfort mode with reduced power and fuel consumption – Sport mode with high power and aggressive acceleration and top speed)
* High performance Carbon-Ceramic brakes with anti lock system and constant capability, also in cold run. Calipers with 12 pistons

* Special Weber alloy wheels with own center lock
* Active Traction Control System
* Active Aero Control, adaptive hydraulik wing, also for breaking
* Active four wheel motion control
* Mulitfunctional steering wheel with shiftlights and shiftpaddles
* TFT- multifunction cockpit display with board computer
* Remote controlled central lock system
* Keyless entry functionality
* Electronic window lifter
* Automatic clima control
* Rain Sensor
* Rear view camera
* Sound System with Radio / CD System
* Navigation System with TMC
* Anti theft device and alarm system

Height: 1′150 mm, 45.3″
Length: 4′500 mm, 177.2″
Width: 2′040 mm, 80.3″
Wheelbase: 2′900 mm, 114.2″
Dry weight 1,100 kg

Tires: Front 265 30 19″ Rear 355 25 19″

4 Tanks with a Fuel capacity of 110 litres.
Weber reserves the right to change specifications without further notice.


Extended Functions:

* Extended board computer with timing devices and special onboard management systems for races control available like pitspeed limiter and start control
* Speed control

Extended Comfort Package:

* Multimedia system with internet and e-mail access
* Hands free car kit for mobil phones

* TV functionality

Race Package:

* Car prepared for full race usage. Features like:
* Laptrigger for lap time measurement
* On board logger with professional data analysis software
* A variety of additional sensors for professional race application to determine optimum performance of aero – suspension – cooling – engine – gearbox and tyres.
* Optional telemetry and radio system.
Link & Image: weber sportcars


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