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Archive for ' May, 2007 '

Music Vortex, Water Speaker

Music Vortex, Water Speaker » image 1

Bronze prize winner of the Chinese design competition Soundbox held by speaker manufacturer 3Nod, designer Eric Zheng created the Music Vortex. A speaker system that produces vehement vibration of water via resonance.

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Tarati Touchless Cellphone From Nonobject

Tarati Touchless Cellphone From Nonobject » image 1

Tarati (in Sanskrit, meaning “through”) is a step towards rewriting cell phone history. Tarati enables the user to connect with others by passing fingers, in order, through key holes. This action of dialing alone is a more magical experience and, hence, more indicative of what’s really happening beyond the visible realm.

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Multi Functional Hearing System

Multi Functional Hearing System » image 1

A consequently offensive design could provide hearing devices without compromises either in ergonomic or in functionality. The struggle between technical shrinking and usability suggests a separation of steering and hearing.

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Corona Solar Light

Corona Solar Light » image 2

Emi Fujita and Shane Kohatsu’s brand new Corona Solar Light, an outdoor lighting solution that combines a photovoltaic cell, LEDs, and sunflower-esque form to bring a lovely solar-powered glow to your outdoor spaces. The self powered Corona Lamp can be used indoors and out - attached to a wall, staked and “planted” like a flower, or just placed on a tabletop- all without glues or fasteners.

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USB Golden Piggy T-Flash / Micro SD Card Reader

 USB Golden Piggy T-Flash / Micro SD Card Reader  » image 2

USB Golden Piggy T-Flash / Micro SD Card Reader is an ideal way to bridge the gap between your desktop computer and new multi-function cell phones and other portable devices. It is also an ideal solution for hi-speed, bi-directional image and data transfer from T-Flash / Micro SD memory cards to PCs. Convenient and easy to bring your digital images and data with you wherever you go.

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Da Vinci Alarm Clock

Da Vinci Alarm Clock » image 1

The Da Vinci Alarm Clock works on a very basic system. The Dot Matrix display will always show either Sleep or Awake. When the product is first switched on the display will immediately show the word Awake. This will continue to be displayed for 3 hours at 30 minutes.
At this point the clock display will change to show the word Sleep
and a high-pitched alarm will signal this change in state. This will continue to sound until the user presses the alarm-reset button. The word sleep will continue to be shown for the next 30 minutes, at which point the display will revert back to show the word awake, the alarm will also sound at this point to signal that a change in state has occurred.

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SONY Delivers DAV-IS10 Big Sound In Micro Home Theater System

SONY Delivers DAV-IS10 Big Sound In Micro Home Theater System » image 2

elivering big sound in a small package, Sony today introduced the DAV-IS10 micro home theater system.

The 5.1 channel home-theater-in-a-box system features five tiny speakers – each about the size of a golf ball. The system, matched with a compact, single disc DVD/CD player/receiver, includes a unique subwoofer that helps the tiny speakers create sounds typically reserved for full size speakers.

While the system features small speakers, it packs all the power of conventional home theater-in-a-box systems with 450 watts of total system power (satellite speakers 50W x 5, plus 2-way subwoofer 100W x 2). The system is specially tuned to deliver a natural sound field that takes the focus off the subwoofer while supplementing mid range and lower frequencies.

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Retractable Outdoor Entertainment Set

Retractable Outdoor Entertainment Set » image 2

Movie night moves outdoors. An oversized, retractable projection screen is framed in hardwood and paired with a hardwood stage, creating the ultimate outdoor entertainment set for movies, skits and more. Store screen inside when not in use. Assembly required. Screen frame measures 79.5″ sq.; two pieces combine to form a 96 x 48 x 7″ h. stage. Projector not included.

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Heartbeat Indicator Mouse

Heartbeat Indicator Mouse » image 1

“Heartbeat Indicator” is not only a mouse, but also is an indicator for user’s health when the user are using it while they are working. When the user grasps it, his or her thumb and palm will touch on its sensors which are inside the mouse and it starts to detect the user’s health situation.

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HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle

HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle » image 10

HAMANN Ferrari F430 in outstanding Design

• outstanding “Black Miracle” look in black matt with coloured finishes for aerodynamic parts
• improved performance from 50 HP
• competently integrated wing doors
• light weight wheels “Edition Race” in 20-inch

The Ferrari F430 already is a brilliant, eye-catching vehicle. The “look” as well as engineering technology presents many similarities to motor sports racing. In the latter instance, most vehicles here feature a catchy paint finish in “warrior look”. HAMANN MOTORSPORT now offers the mid-engine Ferrari a special outstanding design that equally provides a racing car look standing out from the crowd. It’s called “Black Miracle” and will be responsible for great deal of turned heads.

HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle » image 11

HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle » image 1
An individual entrance thanks to Black Miracle design

HAMANN’s “Black Miracle” designed black car body via a foil suggests the appearance of a primary base coat versus a ready-finished lacquered vehicle. It leaves an impression as if the entire car body is covered in velvet. Here as well, comes an idea directly from motor sports racing scene where motor covers are often finished in black matt to aide drivers with glare reduction. The “Black Miracle” design by HAMANN acts similar to a black hole absorbing all light. For the “light at the end of the tunnel” HAMANN provides additional parts following customer preferences in brilliant red, orange or yellow finish. The contrast between black matt and each “luminizing” addition is unquestionably mesmerizing especially for countless admirers at Ferrari meetings. Such an individualized F430 entrance has never been seen before!
HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle » image 2
The highlight of the “Black Miracle” designs: when the black matt colour doesn’t seem pleasing anymore, the foil can be easily removed.

The noted HAMANN aerodynamic kit for the Ferrari F430 in dazzling colours grasps many elements directly out of motor sports. Front impressions of the F430 “Black Miracle” through HAMANN’s front spoiler provide a distinct racing sports face and minimize front axle buoyancy. The wide rocker panel wings give a lowering impression. Further reminiscence of sports racing awakens at the rear end through the HAMANN diffuser and a powerful rear wing which provides more downthrust on the rear axle. HAMANN air dams for the downforce generating Venturi Tunnel boosts the effect.
HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle » image 3
Additionally included in the “Black Miracle” design are finished aerodynamic parts in red, orange or yellow as well as coloured side mirrors and brake callipers, tinted rear lights, a coloured engine cover framing, dark tinted windows (including front window), bi-coloured leather furnishings (any choice of colour combinations), HAMANN logos within the head rests as well as the wheels finished in the colour of the aerodynamic components and with completely covered black matt rim flange.
HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle » image 4
The finest detail through wing doors

The absolute show stopper effect with the eye-catching “Black Miracle” colour in combination to the car body is achieved with the addition of HAMANN constructed wing doors. This process is completed without compromise as HAMANN offers a completely full car body integration through guaranteed technology minus that look of actually being built-in. In other words, this vehicle looks as if it just rolled directly off the assembly line.
HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle » image 5
Performance jump

Through new motronic programming including a new rear silencer plus a sporty high-performance header and sport steel catalyst, the F430 in HAMANN “Black Miracle” style has a performance increase of 36kW /50 HP which is naturally a plus for vehicle performance.
HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle » image 6
Even more driving pleasure is promised with a specially designed set of suspension springs. Through the HAMANN springs, not only does the F430 lurk lower to the ground, it also moves noticeably with more agility.
HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle » image 7
The F430 “Black Miracle” comes equipped from HAMANN with a 3-pieced, forged light weight wheel “Edition Race” in 20-inch. Available for the front axle in size 8,5 x 20 (tires 235/30-20) and for the rear axle in size 12,75 x 20 (tires 325/25-20).
HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle » image 8
One example of the ultra lightweight wheels with dimensions of 12,75 x 20 have an astounding weight of only 15,45 kg! As previously indicated, within the “Black Miracle” package HAMANN finishes a wheel spider in the colour of the aerodynamic components and rim flange matching to the car body in black matt.HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle » image 9

HAMANN Ferrari F430 Black Miracle » image 12

Link & Image: Hamann

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