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BYB Balance Cell Phone


BYB Balance Cell Phone » image 1

Balance is an authentic luxury-smartphone. Up to now, these two categories (luxury and smart) have diverged, and few well-executed alternatives exist. The choice of material (titanium and stainless steel) and its mechanism (a shell-slide solution) impart exclusivity to the phone, while its features satisfy the most exigent business and multimedia requirements.

The 45 x 73.5 x 10.25 mm concept combines the advantages of shell- and slider phones; when placed inside a pocket, the phone’s two inner touch-sensitive screens are protected, its storage therefore requiring no special attention. Flipped over, however, the advantages of the slider can be fully made use of, while in desk stand mode, the phone can be used as a clock or a digital photo frame, without the aid of a separate stand.

BYB Balance Cell Phone » image 2
The phone can be operated in multiple ways, either via the touchscreen displays (main - 2.8 inch , 400 x 240 pixel, 262K TFT), or with the help of the buttons located around them. Furthermore, the MindPad - first introduced on account of the BYB MulTicket – allows the user to draw characters and symbols using simply his/her finger, which are then interpreted by the device, thus allowing for rapid and simple input.
BYB Balance Cell Phone » image 3
The backside touts a 5.1 megapixel camera equipped with auto focus, 2x optical zoom, QuadLED assist light, concealed by an active optical safer. The phone is GSM/3G/HSDPA compatible, with WiFi, BT 2.0 and GPS connectivity. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 3.5 mm and a MiniUSB port, and its 512 MB internal memory can be expanded with the help of a MicroSD card.

BYB Balance Cell Phone » image 4

BYB Balance Cell Phone » image 5

BYB Balance Cell Phone » image 6

Link & Image: bogarak


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leave a response    10:52 am    May 22nd, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
 Filed in : Mobile    Tags: none
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9 Responses to “ BYB Balance Cell Phone”
Kaylei Says:

That phone is bad!!

Kevin Says:

how is the phone bad?
i was wondering where i can get one?…please email me with info

Kevin Says:

email is

Ravi Says:

when this phone will be launched in the market and what will be the price of this, r u launching this phone really or not
please let me know all these details.

srinivas Says:

when this phone will be launched in the market and what will be the price of this, r u launching this phone really or not
please let me know all these details.

helen Says:

I’d like to know where will this phone be available (Europe, Asia, States, NorthAmerica etc.) and also an estimative date for when it will be on the market…thank you!

Ajay Bhaskar Nalluri Says:

I would like to know when this phone will be available in the market and will it be available in india or not.
Please let me know as early as possible.
My e-mail id:

aaron Says:

Will this phone be avalible in Canada,if so how much money.

akshima Says:

plz let me knw that will this phone come to india n will cost around??????

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