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Smooth Creations Diablo Computer System


Smooth Creations Diablo Computer System » image 1

Now from Smooth Creations you can get every peripheral you wanted with your system painted to match! We will apply the same high quality paint job that comes with our computers to everything you order. We will paint the interior of the system, your LCD, speakers, mouse, keyboard, even an iPod to match! All of these items also come with the same warranty that is provided with your new system.

The Diablo is built in a custom edition of the CoolerMaster Stacker. This case provides a great canvas for graphics and artwork for your system as well as providing plenty of room on the interior to support the fastest hardware available.
Window and Lighting
Want to show off whats under the hood? Get a colored window and light it up! We will etch our Smooth Creations logo into the window (optional), and load it with enough lights to brighten things up.
Included with the purchase of any Diablo system is a single color paintjob and minor graphics work. We even paint the interior of the case for you. You can choose any color you imagine and we can bring it to life on your system. We will also incorporate a minor graphic such as our “Stitch” theme which is in our Gallery.

Interested in going all out on your graphics? You can really spice up your system by adding any level of custom graphics. Anything you can think up, our artist can make a reality on our systems. Contact us for pricing and time estimates for custom graphic work.
Bring your gaming performance to a new level by equipping your Diablo system with the latest in graphics technology! If it is available, you can put it into your system!
Painted LCD Display
Purchase a LCD display with your system and we will paint it to match. Your LCD will be covered under the same warranty as your system.
The Diablo case can handle even the hottest of processors. Choose the best solution that fits your needs.
Water Cooling and Overclocking
Want to get even more out of your system? Get it water cooled and overclocked! We will overclock your system here at Smooth Creations and run it through a gauntlet of torture test to ensure it is 100% stable when pushed to the edge.
A wide array of memory is available, choose the size and speed that best suits your system. If you are getting an overclocked system, the higher memory speeds are better to achieve the highest in overclocking.
Networking and Communications
Make sure your system is equipped with everything you will need to connect to any network needed. Available are options for both wired and wireless networking.
Drives and Storage
Take up to four hard drives in a RAID configuration for a boost in speed and storage capacity. You can choose the RAID option that best suits your needs. Capable of RAID 0 (striping, faster performance) and RAID 1 (mirrored, data protection), the Specter can be tailored for many different applications. Graphic artist doing work projects on their laptop would probable select RAID 1 to protect their work from data loss, whereas gamers would opt for RAID 0 to get their system even that much faster.

Select any combination of optical drives you desire. Looking at backing up a lot of media, combine a pair of Dual Layer DVDRW drives for reliable backups. Need to label all your disc for later, get a drive with Lightscribe technology!
Sound Solutions
There are a lot of audio solutions available for the Diablo. Select the sound card that best fits your needs for gaming, music, or movie watching.
Painted Speakers
Get a sweet set of speakers painted to match your new system. Your speaker setup will be covered under the same warranty as your system.
MP3 Players
Like to take music and video on the go? Get a Video iPod with your system and we will spice it up with a paintjob that matches your computer. We will even paint your docking station if you choose to get one.
Your system comes preloaded and preconfigured with your choice of the latest Windows operating system. Your software load will be streamlined for maximum performance.

Want a specific application installed on your system. We will install any game or program you have for you. We will patch it to the newest possible version and make sure it works on your system. Just send in the software package and save yourself the time.
System Recovery
Your system will include a system recovery disc that will allow you to restore your system to factory defaults. With this tool, your can return your computer to the state it was in when you removed it from the box for the first time.
System Warranty
The Diablo includes our Smooth Creations 1 year desktop system warranty. Included with this warranty is our desktop upgrade service. This warranty also covers all peripherals that are purchases with your system.

You have the option to extend your warranty to a period of three years. This extension will cover all peripherals purchased with your system.

Link & Image: Smooth Creation


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