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Ionic Breeze Personal Air Purifier


Ionic Breeze Personal Air Purifier » image 1

Wearable air purifier lets you breathe cleaner, fresher air — wherever you go.

* Personal air purifier and humidifier silently directs cleaner, fresher air toward your mouth and nose.
* Creates a “personal comfort zone” in any environment.
* Humidify ultra-dry air by adding water to built-in Porex™ wicks.
* Runs for about 40 hours on 4 AA batteries (purchase separately).

Ionic Breeze Personal Air Purifier » image 2
Closed, crowded, parched environments — like airplane cabins or sealed offices — often have stale, dry air. And when trapped for hours in such ultra-dry places, the desert-like humidity makes your mouth and nose painfully raw; your breathing uncomfortable; your sleep disturbed.

What can you do? You can wear our exclusive new Ionic Breeze® Personal Air Purifier and humidifier! Now it’s easy to create your own “personal comfort zone” and breathe cleaner, fresher air in any environment — at home, at work, when traveling… wherever fresh, clean air is in short supply.

This sleek device is compact, lightweight, portable and discreet — it looks like a small binocular or tape player when worn around the neck. Electrostatically charged rings help to remove airborne irritants. And to make breathing easier in parched places, this Ionic Breeze is a personal humidifier, too — adding moisture to uncomfortably dry air. Just slide out the tray and add water to the built-in PorexT humidifier wicks. The result? You’ll feel so much better — relaxed, refreshed — at the end of your journey.

Runs for about 40 continuous hours on 4 AA batteries (order separately). Measures 4 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ and weighs a mere 7 oz., even with batteries. Wear using the adjustable nylon strap. Has a black finish. One-year warranty. Created by Sharper Image.

Link & Image: PC News


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