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Sony Ericsson W660i: The New Color, As People Combat


Sony Ericsson W660i: The New Color, As People Combat » image 1W Sony Ericsson mobile phone system in the past are white in color orange, even the addition of black colors. Distribution is also black and orange boarded. But this W660i, it is a change of style between W and red colors used in the allocation of reserves boarded corruption, a new user’s ears.

Sony Ericsson W660i: The New Color, As People Combat » image 2
Israel boarded the new allocation system, cell phone W
Sony Ericsson W Sony Ericsson mobile phone system, while welcome, has been using white color orange. some users have started to feel tired.However, the latest this W660i, Black Belt gold reserves and used the colors red zone, which a previous image. And put itself in design, the SE has been used mainly on the vertical design, the key operating three round jammed. Yuanhun spaces around machine repair, and also thin enough, holding hands feel particularly comfortable. But the size of the button is slightly small, it seems more suitable for female users.
Sony Ericsson W660i: The New Color, As People Combat » image 3
3G mobile phone functions equally remarkable
W660i is a 3G handset, with a two million-pixel main camera and a 300,000 pixel video camera. W system as a member of the fuselage of course, the key music operations, but own a copy 512MB M2 were very sufficient. Another plane also support the latest TrackID function, to enable users to easily find information on the wonders music. Another worth mentioning is this opportunity to support RSS, the latest information available on the 3G network through desktop, very practical. Other functions also Bluetooth (A2DP), FM radio and personal Blog, full entertainment!

Sony Ericsson W660i: The New Color, As People Combat » image 4Link & Image: hksincere


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