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PAL-V, A Flying Gyrocopter Tricycle


PAL-V, A Flying Gyrocopter Tricycle » image 4Besides the challenge of creating a dual-purpose vehicle that can fly and drive, this a helicopter, tech that’s been called “10,000 rattling parts flying in close formation.” Undaunted, the PAL-V’s inventors think this configuration is best because it’s narrow, and they say such designs are better for flying into the wild blue. But what about on the road? They’ll build in special tilting technology that can help the three-wheeler lean into the curves.

Will it ever become a reality? The PAL-V’s confident creators are about to begin building a working prototype to prove it, and plan to launch the real thing in 2009 at an undisclosed price. Still, the idea of lots of people freely flying these vehicles at heights up to 4,000 feet is a frightening prospect.

The PAL-V will drive using the patented DVC? tilting technology as invented for the Carver One.
PAL-V, A Flying Gyrocopter Tricycle » image 2
Steer it like a car and it banks like a motorcycle. It sounds deceivingly simple. And it truly is. At the heart of the PAL-V lies the Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC?) system which automatically adjusts the tilt angle of the cockpit to the speed and acceleration of the vehicle enabling a plane-like ’tilting before cornering’.
PAL-V, A Flying Gyrocopter Tricycle » image 3
The driver’s input or steering torque is distributed between the front wheel steering angle and the cockpit tilting angle. This distribution is automatically adjusted to varying speeds and road conditions to ensure an optimal balance at all times. At lower speeds the steering torque is directed to the front wheel angle and the passenger compartment remains upright. At higher speeds the steering torque is mainly directed to the tilt angle of the cockpit and rear wheel steering.
PAL-V, A Flying Gyrocopter Tricycle » image 1
The genius of the DVC? is in its simplicity: essentially a mechanical-hydraulic system, it relies on proven technology resulting in a reliable, predictable and above all extremely responsive system.

With the PAL-V ONE, tilting in corners becomes second nature, or rather, first nature regained.

PAL-V Gyrocopter technology

Juan de la Cierva, a Spanish engineer and aeronautical enthusiast, invented the first successful rotorcraft, which he named ‘autogiro’ in 1923. His aim was to create an aircraft that was the safest in the world because it would not stall.

Principle of operation
An autogyro is characterized by a free-spinning rotor that turns due to passage of air upwards through the rotor. The vertical component of the total aerodynamic reaction of the rotor gives lift for the vehicle, and sustains the autogyro in the air. Forward thrust is provided by a separate propeller, or alternately, jets, when flying in autogyro mode.

Whereas a helicopter works by forcing the rotor blades through the air, pushing air downwards, the gyrocopter rotor blade generates lift in the same way as a glider’s wing by changing the angle of the air as it moves upwards and backwards relative to the rotor blade. The free-spinning blades turn by autorotation; the rotor blades are angled so that they give not only lift, but also so as to accelerate the blades’ rotation rate, until the rotor turns at a stable speed with the drag and thrust forces in balance.

Pitch control of the autogyro is by tilting the rotor fore and after; roll control is by tilting the rotor laterally (side to side). Tilt of the rotor is effected by a tilting hub. Yaw control is controlled by the prerotator.

watch movie (Dutch spoken only)

PAL-V combination technology

The PAL-V ONE combines the gyrocopter technology with the DVC? tilting technology. The change-over from flying to driving and vice versa requires three basic technologies. These technologies make it possible to make the gyrocopter narrow and short enough to drive on the road.

A foldable rotor: The rotor will be folded and fixed above the roof of the vehicle. PAL-V Europe BV has patented the folding principle and has developed a unique folding technology. The outside of the rotor blades slide into the inner parts and are then folded above the car. While flying the safety of this principle is ensured by the centrifugal forces of the spinning of the rotor.

A foldable propeller: The propeller is folded to become narrow enough and to enable the tail to slide back.

A slidable tail. The tail is slid forwards covering the propeller.

By combining different building blocks weight as well as cost reductions are realized:
- The motor that is used for driving the vehicle is the same as the motor powering the propeller.
- The same controls are used in both modes but switched in functionality between the different modes

Link & Image: pal-v


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3 Responses to “ PAL-V, A Flying Gyrocopter Tricycle”
Ajay Pratap Singh Says:

i want to now about the design procedure of PAL-V, and how it wors.

Dan Fullerton Says:

I think this concept is fantastic. As a pilot, one is always trying to figure out how you are going to get to where you are going after you have landed. This is truly a workable concept. I would like to see it built. More than that I would like to fly one.

Wilmay Staale Says:

Excellent weblog right here! Additionally your website quite a bit up very fast! What host are you the usage of? Can I am getting your associate link to your host? I desire my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

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