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Zadora Timepieces


Zadora Timepieces » image 2

All watches sport an 18kt white or yellow gold timepiece, designed with a unique orbital dial face with roman numerals, a triangular diamond indicator, and transparent sapphire case back displaying the mechanism.

Each motif sits atop a guilloche decorated domed plate.

The meticulously hand crafted one-of a-kind design is fitted with interchangeable galuchat watchstraps in complementing colors with an 18kt. gold guilloche buckled clasp.

See all watches photo gallery after jump…
Zadora Timepieces » image 5

These amazing watches basically turn horology on its side. The time is read through on the side of the watch rather than the top. The dial rotates and the hand remains fixed. The winding and setting crown has a briolette cut diamond, the lugs are set with precious stones, and the time indicator is set with diamonds to mark the half hours. The hand wound movement, has a forty hour power reserve and is Swiss made.

By freeing up the real estate on the top of the watch von Zadora-Geldof is able to create intricate wearable gemstone sculptures. A queen bee with a delicate gold crown, an enamel flower, a pomegranate with a skin of green tsavorites, and fruit made of ruby cabochons also serves as a tiny pillbox. These watches are like nothing else I have ever seen. They cost $150,000 each and custom designs are available. The watch shown here is a snake of oxidized palladium and micro pave set with black and canary yellow diamonds and enhanced pear shaped emerald eyes, with a baroque South Sea pearl in its mouth.

After the jump, the skull, the bee and the pomegranate, three more of Andrea von Zadora-Geldof’s sparkling wrist creations.

Zadora Timepieces » image 1

Zadora Timepieces » image 3

Zadora Timepieces » image 4

Zadora Timepieces » image 6

Zadora Timepieces » image 7

Zadora Timepieces » image 8

Zadora Timepieces » image 9

Zadora Timepieces » image 10

Zadora Timepieces » image 11

Zadora Timepieces » image 12

Zadora Timepieces » image 13

Zadora Timepieces » image 14

Zadora Timepieces » image 15

Link & image: zadoratimepieces


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