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USB Flower Pod Speaker


USB Flower Pod Speaker » image 1

If you mention the desk which puts in place the personal computer, it forces desolately with the mechanical feeling and doesn’t feeling do??Exactly ?USB Flower pod Speaker? is introduced to such a desk.

?USB Flower pot Speaker?, it is not the potted flower simply, it is. The stereo speaker of power source unnecessary outside pass power is built in to the potted plant part, it is! built-in speaker of personal computer built-in stopping, you can utilize as the USB speaker which can enjoy the output which is force with just simple USB connection.

Usage quite is simple. The cable just is connected to the USB port of inserting and the personal computer, the driver less (other than Windows98SE) with automatically is recognized in the USB jack which is in the potted plant part as the speaker. After, even if you inquire about music even if also, you look at the movie, functioning it does as a normal speaker.

USB Flower Pod Speaker » image 2

* The moss has grown, but it is the water doing unnecessary!The eye which you saw is the cute ocean orchid, but if you connect with the personal computer, you turn quickly to the same speaker! Because, installation of the excessive software being unnecessary, just connects automatically is recognized, as the USB stereo speaker you use and the selfishness is preeminent.

The stereo speaker of large texture of 2W output, two is built in to left and right. Because it is the stereo speaker, you can feel the extent of sound!

USB Flower Pod Speaker » image 3

Link & Image: Thanko (jp)


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leave a response    9:05 pm    February 14th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
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