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Uber Shades Concept: The Future Of Sunglasses Is Not So Bright


Uber Shades Concept: The Future Of Sunglasses Is Not So Bright » image 1

Rodd Miller From

Not since the advent of the Groucho Marx big nose, bushy eyebrow novelty glasses has there been a more important contribution to the eye-wear industry than the multi-functional Uber Shades. These high-tech specs have the potential to revolutionize the lives of thousands, maybe millions or even billions.

Let’s say you’re hanging out at the local coffee shop on a warm summer evening innocently admiring yourself in your favorite heavily tinted sunglasses as you wait for your decaf Mocha Frappuccino. All goes accordingly and suspiciously well, perhaps too well, as you head to the counter to pick up your drink. Suddenly, you find yourself in a crisis situation as things take a dramatic turn for the worse. After receiving your overpriced drink, you are shocked to see the dispenser is completely out of bendy straws with no employee in sight (who is willing to refill it).

The realization of having to drink a Frappuccino strawless triggers a nervous reaction causing an intense itch in the small of your back. The panic builds and hyperventilation starts, setting off some serious high-pitched nasal whistling blowing through your neglected untrimmed nose hairs. What do you do now? It’s just you, a now useless Frappuccino, and those expensive sunglasses you spent a weeks salary on. No matter how cool they may look, those shades aren’t going to bail you out of this one. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know what has to happen to remedy this dilemma. You simply are going to need a straw, a back scratcher and some nose hair scissors and you’re going to need them ASAP! But where can these items be found on such short notice?

As your world collapses before you, you think to yourself; “Wow, I paid $400 for these trendy shades and all they do is give a false sense of importance and occasionally keep the sun out of my eyes… what a total rip off! If only my sunglasses had more to offer, maybe I wouldn’t be in this predicament.”

Those days are behind you now because someone has heard the voice of the people and bravely answered with Uber Shades. The Germany based company, Not-So-Bright Sunwear, has taken the Swiss Army Knife concept to a whole new realm in the form of eye-wear. These sporty sunglasses come in a variety of colors and styles while maintaining comfort despite the massive amount of hardware attached to them. They are certified 100% UV protected, polarized, rust resistant, as well as environmentally friendly. What really puts these glasses in a different league from others is the ability to be customized with over 263 tools and attachments, including a clever secondary sunglasses attachment in the event something should happen to the main pair. How’s that for ingenuity and thinking outside the box?

Whether it’s applying make-up in the car while driving to the mall or simply repairing a toilet flapper valve for your sister, Uber Shades has the tools to do it all with style and class. No task is too big and no problem too small for these sunglasses of the future. Uber Shades just may forever change how we view the world.

Link & Image : americaninventorspot


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