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The LapDawg ? Portable Laptop Stand


The LapDawg ? Portable Laptop Stand » image 1

* Have you ever wanted something that can hold your laptop off your blankets at a comfortable angle in bed? (either lying down or sitting up)

* Ever wished you could use your laptop comfortably outdoors without using your lap, desk or table?

* How about an accessory that can alleviate back aches, hand cramps, or neck pains from awkward or extended laptop use?

The LapDawg ? Portable Laptop Stand » image 4
The LapDawg portable laptop stand is a new laptop accessory designed to change the way our body interacts with laptop computers by simply holding our laptops to a more comfortable, natural angle. It will eliminate your laptop’s weight, heat and discomfort from burdening your lap while at the same time re-positioning your body and arms to ergonomically correct angles, enhancing comfort and reducing strain on our bodies.

The LapDawg ? Portable Laptop Stand » image 5
The LapDawg ? Portable Laptop Stand » image 2

It’s simple, light-weight, mobile design will maximize the freedom of movement for your legs and body, eliminating the “trapped” feeling of a laptop resting on your lap.

The LapDawg ? Portable Laptop Stand » image 3

Laptop Stand by LapDawg - At A Glance

* “No Hands” Design. Holds your laptop or books for you.
* Designed for ergonomic comfort & stability
* Made from durable light weight wood
* Can transform to fit in travel bag
* Incredibly portable & versatile
* Multiple Functions. See Other Uses!
* Weighs only 1.5 lbs!

General Information:

* Hold laptops (up to 17 inches), books, magazines or binders.
* Flexible design. Adjusts to any body type
* Beautiful dark mahogany gloss finish
* Takes 2 minutes to assemble
* Makes a Perfect One-Of-A-Kind Gift!
* Price $79.99 USD, $89.99 CAD.The LapDawg ? Portable Laptop Stand » image 6

Link & Image: Lapdawg


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ergonomiclaptopstand Says:

A good place to start is a large office supply store that has dedicated knowledgeable staff members purposely working in the computer department. Often, these employees are computer gurus; they tend to be honest and forthcoming about the better brands, and readily share their tried and true favorites. These stores do have sales, and many have a clearance board as well of more pricey models that just need to be moved for new inventory.

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