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Silver Soccer Ball Cooler


Silver Soccer Ball Cooler » image 1

The small-sized cool temperature warehouse which does the shape of the soccer ball. Because it is the compact cool temperature warehouse which is convenient to conveyance, summer while being in the living and the bedroom, the warm green tea and coffee it can do the juice and the beer which become cold in [kinkin], to the winter to enjoy. It is the point whose also size of the capacity to which can receive 5 also 350ml cans is delightful.

also 5 these cans are settled in the compact.When it tries putting in the living, being pleasant, completion of the comfortable space.

Size: W25?H26.5?D27cm

weight: 2.3kg

cold reserving: 5? and insulation: 60? (in case of ope air temperature 25?)

power source: 2 power source systems (insulated insulation)

Silver Soccer Ball Cooler » image 2


Soccer ball type cool temperature warehouse. AC DC cord/code attachment/cold reserving, the insulative selector switch it is attached,/the contents quantity: 4 liter 350ml?5 can /AC (interior): 100V and DC (inside of car of car): 12V/guarantee: It is, (1 years)

Link & Image : (Translated Version)


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leave a response    9:34 pm    February 11th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
 Filed in : Design, Gadget    Tags: none
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One Response to “ Silver Soccer Ball Cooler”
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