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Retro Music System : CD’s, LP’s and Cassettes


Retro Music System : CDs, LPs and Cassettes » image 2

A complete home stereo system with an appealing nostalgic design.

Are you a nostalgic music fan who fondly remembers the radio consoles of the 40’s and 50’s? Do you remember sitting with your parents and grandparents listening to your favorite shows in the evenings? Did you dance around your living room to the new and evolving musical genre being called rock ‘n roll? Reminisce no more of days gone by and delight in our Retro Console Music System.

This beautifully designed system combines the most modern of components with a retro style design. This musical wonder is housed in a classic wooden paneled, four legged cabinet, complete with old fashioned speaker panels in the lower front. Situated above those speaker panels are the modern, and some that will take you back in time a few decades, musical components.

Starting at the top of the console you’ll find the three speed (33, 45 and 78 rpm) turntable for playing all of your classic records. Spend hours listening to your Neil Diamond and Beach Boys records in all their vinyl glory.

Retro Music System : CDs, LPs and Cassettes » image 1

Tune into the AM/FM radio, located directly below the turntable, that will allow for 40 stations to be preset (20 AM and 20 FM). The console’s radio is also very reliable because it boasts a quartz PLL synthesized tuner.

Transport yourself back to the 1980’s when Madonna and Michael Jackson reigned supreme with two cassette decks to listen to all of your favorite tapes. You can also dub from tape to tape, and record from any of the other audio sources (record, radio, and cd) onto a tape.

Last but not least is the three-disc- drawer-type CD changer. This changer allows for constant rotation of disks (change two while one plays) enabling you to continuously enjoy music in its modern digital format.

Retro Music System : CDs, LPs and Cassettes » image 3

Other significant modern touches that this nostalgic system boasts include three preset equalizer settings (rock, pop, and classic), a bass boost system for extra oomph to the low notes, and a front-panel headphone jack for private listening.

Product Specifications

* 9 function select (Phono, CD1, CD2, CD3, Tape1. Tape2, FM, AM, Aux)
* 3 speed turn table (33, 45, 78rpm)
* 3 CD drawer type changer
* Dual cassette decks
* Quartz PLL Synthesized AM FM Stereo Tuner
* 20 FM, 20 AM station preset memory
* Bass boost system
* 3 preset EQ (rock, pop, classic)
* 2 way speaker system (5 inch full range)
* Front panel headphone jack
* 45 rpm adapter included
* System remote (2 AA batteries not included)
* LCD is 3.5 x 1 inch
* 6 ft cord
Link & image: first street online


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