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Neonode N2 ? The Intuitive Phone


Neonode N2 ? The Intuitive Phone » image 5

It?s the patented screen technology that enables the unique design of Neonode N2 and makes it so easy to use. You do everything on-screen ? simple and convenient. Neonode N2 is also an open platform, which means that you can download all the additional applications and features you want your device to have.
With Neonode WRR you can also record and fill your Neonode N2 with music from radio channels on the web.

Neonode N2 is available in the different colors.

See full description and photos after jump…

Neonode N2 ? The Intuitive Phone » image 1

Neonode N2 facts:


  • Neonode N2


  • MiniSD card

User interface:

  • Neno user interface


  • MP3 Player (MP3, WMA, Wav), Calendar and Address book synchronized using ActiveSync


  • GSM Quadband 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz bands, GPRS


  • SMS and MMS


  • Obex, Headset, FTP profiles supported


  • 2,0? (176×220 pixels) colour display. 65K colours


  • Stereo sound in headphones, Mono loudspeaker, Vibration engine


  • 2 Megapixel Fixed Focus Camera, Still pictures, Video play-back (MPEG, WMV), Video Recording (MPEG4)


  • 47×77x14,7 mm (WxHxT) Weight: Approx 70 grams

Battery Capacity:

  • Talk 4 hours, standby 200 hours

Neonode N2 ? The Intuitive Phone » image 2

Optical screen


“We have removed the traditional keypad on our mobile devices, instead they have an on-screen keyboard. The device is thereby easy to use with one hand; you just sweep over and tap the screen to access the different features. When you want to call or send an SMS you enter the numbers and letters directly on-screen.”

This is made possible because of our patented screen technology with light beams forming an invisible grid over the screen and the location of your finger is detected when the beams are crossed. It?s not only easy to understand; it?s also easy to use.

Neonode N2 ? The Intuitive Phone » image 0

Open platform

Have it your way

“Our mobile devices are in a way more like small PC?s than advanced mobile phones. In a way it is an open platform that you can fill with the software and features you want to have. There are also a number of third party applications developed that can be downloaded from the Internet.”

You can also develop your own software. In The Neonode Friends Zone we regularly release new updates that you free of charge can upgrade your device with and here you can also find more information about how to develop your own software.

Neonode N2 ? The Intuitive Phone » image 4


The node in your network

For smooth and easy connection of your Neonode device to a computer to transfer files and update all information, you find a USB-cable enclosed in the box.

The device can operate in two different modes while connected to a computer, either in phone mode or as a USB disk. When turned on, it operates in phone mode. Turned off, it operates as a USB disk. When you connect your device to a computer in phone mode you can, by using ActiveSync from Microsoft, synchronize the calendar and address book with Outlook.

You can also transfer files to and from your Neonode device. When you connect your device to a computer as a USB disk, it will appear on your computer as a Removable disk and you can transfer files quick and easy. In the USB disk mode you can also download new updates to your device from our website.

You can also use Bluetooth to connect to headsets or transfer files to other Bluetooth equipped devices without using a cable.

Using Neno

Neonode N2 ? The Intuitive Phone » image 6

Advanced simplicity

To make is as easy as possible to access all features and content of the device, we designed our own user interface, called Neno, which has a similar structure as a PC ? but without deep and complex menus. To access your full menu from the start page you sweep from the bottom left and up and the menu appears. Now you can tap the icons to choose what you want to access and you will access it right away.

If you sweep from bottom and up in the middle of the start page you access the keypad to enter the number to call or the text of an SMS. A sweep from the bottom and up at the right side of the start page gives you access to the tools bar, much like a right-click with a mouse on a PC. For more information about the user interface and how to use it together with the optical touch screen, see the Users manual in the Support section.

WRR for Neonode N2

With the Neonode Web Radio Recorder client you can download and store music from 100 000?s of web based radio channels, directly to your Neonode N2 when connected to your PC ? simple and convenient.

Neonode WRR downloads music directly from the radio streams on the web ? you select channels or genre, Neonode WRR does the rest. No commercials, only music. Download client and record your music, for free.

Neonode N2 ? The Intuitive Phone » image 7

How does it work?

  1. Start your Neonode WRR client on your PC (downloaded from
  2. Choose the web radio station that you want to listen to (in the Neonode WRR menu there?s a number of stations to choose from, but you can also go directly to the station of your choice by entering its URL in the browser)
  3. Press the Neonode WRR client?s REC button (Neonode WRR now store all songs, and only songs, that is played on the station as a MP3-file)
  4. Now relax, go to sleep if you feel like it (you choose for how long you want to record, just as previously done with the cassette players but with a really long cassette tape)
  5. Connect your Neonode N2 to your PC (you can use your Neonode N2 as usual while you record music and when you want to update it with the latest in your Neonode WRR you just connect it to your PC)
  6. Press the Neonode WRR client?s SYNC button (Neonode WRR now updates your Neonode N2 with the newly recorded music)
  7. Disconnect your Neonode N2 from your PC and enjoy the music (remove the USB cable from your Neonode N2 and start the music player)

Neonode N2 ? The Intuitive Phone » image 8

Neonode N2 ? The Intuitive Phone » image 9

Link & Image : neonode


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