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Dorky Speaker System


Dorky Speaker System » image 1

Safe Sound Personal Speakers (SSPS-1) by Safe Sound Sports are designed for use with your iPod and MP3 or just about any other audio source.
MP3 and iPod Compatible Speakers

Safe Sound Personal Speakers can be worn as a lanyard, hanging around the neck which is great for guys who like to exercise with their shirt off. The SSPS-1 can also be clipped to the front of your shirt or for the best sound quality, separated and clipped to your collar near your ears.
The SSPS-1 use polypropylene speaker cones so they are water resistant.

Neodymium Magnet Technology. This rare earth metal is valued for the discovery of its exceptional sound quality, light weight and strength properties. The Neodymium component keeps SSPS-1’s treble and bass crisp and clean. Your speakers do not require batteries and are powered from your MP3 player, iPod or most any other audio source.
SSPS-1 Speakers - Gain the Safety without Giving Up the Sound
Women Especially Need Safe Sound Sports Speakers

Dorky Speaker System » image 2

Women using headphones or ear buds are particularly vulnerable when exercising outdoors alone. While using the SSPS-1, the improved awareness over headphones and ear buds, gives a woman critical time to possibly avoid attacks or accidents and cannot be overstated.

SSPS-1 speakers allow you to use your natural ability to listen for danger and be less isolated from your environment, than with headphones and ear buds. These iPod and MP3 player speakers provide women with improved awareness over headphones and earbuds without giving up the joy of listening to your favorite iPod or MP3 Player music.

SSPS-1 personal speakers were designed specifically for the improved safety you need with the high sound quality you like. The SSPS-1 Were Built for You.

* Neodymium/Polypropylene Speakers
* Maximum Power: 400mw + 400mw
* Impedance: 8 Ohms
* Cord: 4 Feet with an 1/8″ stereo plug
* 1 Year Limited WarrantyLink & Image: safesoundsports


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