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Colorful Apple iPod Shuffle


Colorful Apple iPod Shuffle  » image 4

The iPod shuffle is now available in pink, green, blue and orange but it still costs the same: $79. The tiny 1GB player is still available in its original silver color, too. Just got off the phone with Apple reps, and they think that the shuffle’s color and price make it something you can accessorize with.

Colorful Apple iPod Shuffle  » image 1

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Born to be worn

The world’s most wearable music player just got even more wearable. Choose from five brilliant colors to make your musical fashion statement.

Colorful Apple iPod Shuffle  » image 2

Remix and match

With iTunes autofill, iPod shuffle can deliver a new musical experience every time you sync. For even more randomness, you can shuffle songs with the slide of a switch.

Colorful Apple iPod Shuffle  » image 3

Everything is easy

Charge and sync with the included USB dock. Operate its controls with one hand. Enjoy up to 12 hours straight of skip-free music playback.1Colorful Apple iPod Shuffle  » image 5

Clip and go

Thanks to the simple built-in clip, you can carry up to 240 of your favorite songs on your shirt sleeve, purse strap, waistband, anywhere.

Colorful Apple iPod Shuffle  » image 6

Mac | PC

* ? USB 2.0 port
* ? Mac OS X
v10.3.9 or later
* ? iTunes 7.0.2
or later
* ? Internet connection
(Broadband recommended. Fees may apply.)Colorful Apple iPod Shuffle  » image 7

What’s in the box

* ? iPod shuffle
* ? Earphones
* ? USB dock
* ? Quick Start guide

Colorful Apple iPod Shuffle  » image 8

iTunesAvailable as a free download, iTunes makes it easy to browse and buy millions of songs, audiobooks, podcasts, TV shows, movies, and games on the iTunes Store. Plus you can import your own music, manage your whole media library, and sync your iPod with ease.


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