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BeoCenter 2


BeoCenter 2 » image 1

BeoCenter 2 is a complete entertainment centre for the living room and, with BeoLink, for the whole house. It adds DVD playback to CD and radio sources, including optional DAB radio (where available). Combined with a Bang & Olufsen television and any BeoLab loudspeaker, you are guaranteed a sensational picture and sound experience. One light touch to the smooth button-less surface of BeoCenter 2, and its polished aluminium wings glide aside to reveal a unique, integrated audio and video system.

BeoCenter 2 » image 2

Elliptical in form with gentle curves, the polished aluminium surface of BeoCenter 2 issues an invitation to approach the unique soft-touch control pad. The ultra-thin polished aluminium is designed to discern a human touch. Just glide your finger along the surface and BeoCenter 2 responds. There are no buttons. The surface is reduced to a wafer-thin 0.5 mm around the operation panel and has been anodised five times to protect it from any signs of wear. The highly readable white text on the large, four-line display guides interaction, and displays additional information from music files, CDs, DVDs, and the RDS radio system. Contrast is adjusted automatically to light conditions, ensuring that the display text can always be read easily.

BeoCenter 2 » image 3

The dual design is both innovative and practical: The majority of the processors and all external connections are in a separate socket unit that you can hide from view several meters away. A slim cable connects the socket unit to the control panel with its built-in CD and DVD player. BeoCenter 2 is as attractive on the wall, as it is on its stand or placed at a slight angle on a table.

BeoCenter 2 activates all your speakers in a surround sound setup when you are watching a movie. When you insert an audio CD, it will engage your left and right speakers, plus your BeoLab 2 subwoofer. BeoCenter 2 is particularly well suited for linking up with the all-digital BeoLab 5 loudspeaker. These come with their own bass drivers, making a separate woofer unnecessary. The multitalented drive will play MP3 and WMA music files from CDs, as well as show DivX movies and JPEG photos.

BeoCenter 2 » image 4

Connect BeoCenter 2 with any BeoVision television and BeoLab loudspeaker system to produce a sound and picture experience that is truly sensational. Using BeoLink, BeoCenter 2 can deliver different signals to different parts of the house at the same time. You can watch a DVD from the comfort of your bedroom, piped from your BeoCenter 2 downstairs, while someone else is listening to MP3-music or the radio elsewhere in your home.

Link & Image : bang-olufsen


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