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What is a Lichtenberg Figure ?


What is a Lichtenberg Figure ? » image 1

Lichtenberg (pronounced Lich’-ten-beark) Figures are fractal-like branching patterns that have been permanently captured within crystal clear acrylic. They were created by carefully injecting and trapping multi-million volt regions of electrical charge deep inside acrylic using a particle accelerator.? The complex figures are created when the trapped charge suddenly escapes in a brief, lightning-like discharge. The intense spark discharges create a record of their passage, leaving behind permanent “fossilized” tree-like branching chains of microscopic fractures that reflect ambient light similar to microscopic mirrors. Lichtenberg Figures combine the technologies of particle beam and dielectric physics with the natural beauty of fractals.

What is a Lichtenberg Figure ? » image 2

What is a Lichtenberg Figure ? » image 3

What is a Lichtenberg Figure ? » image 4

What is a Lichtenberg Figure ? » image 5

Link & Images : teslamania


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leave a response    2:06 pm    January 11th, 2007     posted by : Mahmood    Permalink   
 Filed in : Design, miscellaneous    Tags: none
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5 Responses to “ What is a Lichtenberg Figure ?”
Dirty Carl » Blog Archive » Lichtenberg Figures Says:

[…] Image Gallery: Top Blog Posts Above Image: WikipediaTags: Lichtenberg Figure | Lightning | Electricity […]

The Tastemakers Society » COOOOOLLLLLL!!!! Says:

[…] This is one of the coolest designs I’m seen in such a long time, I could definitely see one of these in the house. They are Lichtenberg Figures are fractal like? branching patterns? that have been permanently captured in a clear acrylic layout. I could go on and explain more but this site says it better, plus they got more pics? and honestly I just don’t feel like writing anymore today. […]

Lichtenberg Figures « linkhead Says:

[…] Link overkill « Impossible wood structure. Lichtenberg Figures January 13th,2007 […]

Ashish Says:

nice post .. keep it up ..

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designer kid Says:

beauty :) are these real or work of Photoshop ?

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