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WAM-V Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel


WAM-V Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel » image 1

The WAM-V? -Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel- is a new class of watercraft based on a patented technology that delivers a radically new seagoing experience. These ultralight flexible catamarans are modularly designed to allow for a variety of applications and to fit the requirements of specific users, missions or projects.

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WAM-V Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel » image 3

Wave Adaptive

Unlike conventional boats, the hulls of a WAM-V? conform to the surface of the water. A WAM-V does not push, slap or pierce the waves. She utilizes flexibility to adapt her structure and shape to the water surface. Instead of forcing the water to conform to the hull, she gives and adjusts; she ?dances? with the waves.

A superstructure is flexibly connected to specially designed pontoons by several components that actually move in relation to one another. A WAM-V? has springs, shock absorbers and ball joint to articulate the vessel and mitigate stresses to structure, payload and crew. Two engine pods, containing the propulsion and ancillary systems, are fastened to the hulls with special hinges that keep the propellers in the water at all times.

WAM-V Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel » image 2


The payload module on a WAM-V? can be switched with a different one in less than an hour, transforming the WAM-V? into another vessel for a different use. Some examples of possible payload modules include:

  • luxury cabin for two
  • simple cruising accommodations for up to six passengers
  • twelve passenger transport
  • scuba diving platform
  • lab for collection and on site analysis of specimen
  • oceanographic equipment deployer
  • emergency response unit
  • surveillance station

In most versions, the payload module is a self-contained craft that can lower to the surface, detach and operate under its own power.

The engine pods are mechanically separate from the main hulls and can be switched to other pods with a different propulsion system:

  • from diesel to gas
  • from propellers to jets
  • from inboard to outboards

Alternatively, two sets of identical engine pods keep the vessel operational at all times, when engines have to be serviced or repaired.

Other Characteristics

The WAM-V? can be custom designed and built for easy disassembly so that all parts can fit into standard shipping containers.

WAM-Vs? can be built in different lengths to match specific applications. Marine Advanced Research, Inc. has designed, manufactured and tested 8 ft radio-controlled models, a 50 ft personal watercraft and a full size 100 ft prototype. Unmanned versions are in the design process.

A full size WAM-V? has ocean crossing capabilities with a range of up to 5,000 miles. Once she has reached destination, her low draft allows operations in river deltas, shallow littoral waters and lagoons.

Users with limited experience can learn to pilot her quickly because she has the responsiveness and maneuverability of a small powerboat.

The WAM-V? technology is environmentally friendly by its very nature and design. In spite of the large size necessary to negotiate the open ocean, the WAM-V? produces a minimum wake. Being ultra light, its anchors are those of a much smaller vessel, thus decreasing disruption to the ocean floor. Fuel consumption is significantly less than that of other vessels with comparable characteristics. The WAM-V?, with her light weight, very low draft and soft hulls, is kind and forgiving to everything she comes in contact with.

WAM-V Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel » image 4

WAM-V Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel » image 5

WAM-V Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel » image 6

Link & Image : wam-v


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