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Samsung STT-D370 New Bluetooth GPS System


Samsung STT-D370 New Bluetooth GPS System » image 3?

Samsung offers a very nice GPS for cars, which is totally compatible with your phone. So, on top of being a GPS with a 3D map and a DMB TV tuner, it also has a kit for a Bluetooth phone. With its 3.7? touch-screen, you will be able to directly dial your phone numbers and use its speakerphone and mike to communicate. The STT-D370 also has an MP3 and PMP player, and an SD port to bring in your videos and audio files.

Samsung STT-D370 New Bluetooth GPS System » image 1

Samsung Electronics Co, LTD, a leading provider and innovator of mobile phones, launches Bluetooth Navigator (STT-D370) which is connected to mobile phones via Bluetooth?. It also adopts the latest technologies, such as Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) and terrestrial DMB.

Samsung STT-D370 New Bluetooth GPS System » image 2

The Samsung STT-D370 is the first Global Positioning Systems (GPS) navigator to connect a mobile phone via Bluetooth? feature. The microphone and speaker phone, embedded in Bluetooth Navigator enable the users to make or receive phone calls and SMS text messages, without using a mobile phone.

Samsung STT-D370 New Bluetooth GPS System » image 4

The Bluetooth Navigator also offers a built-in Real 3D map developed by Samsung, ensuring that the driver sees the road ahead in crystal-clear 3D graphics. The latest maps can be updated through Anycall Land (

The STT-D370 also offers a dynamic navigation feature, which uses TPEG (a transportation information service based on terrestrial DMB data broadcasting) information updated every five minutes via a terrestrial DMB data channel to select the optimal route by incorporating road situations in real time.

The highly portable Bluetooth Navigator with a 3.7-inch LCD and 16.8mm thickness, together with its long-lasting battery allows the user to enjoy navigator features and the various additional features it offers not only in vehicles but also while walking.

The Samsung STT-D370 includes various multimedia functionalities, such as high-resolution Personal Media Players (PMP), MP3, and photo albums; as well as a translator, an electronic dictionary, a file viewer. It also supports SD memory card.

Ki-tae Lee, President of Samsung?s Telecommunications Network Business said, ?Samsung is leading the convergence technology to make people?s lives more convenient. We will continue to deliver a wider range of convergence terminals that incorporate next-generation telecommunication technologies.?

The Bluetooth Navigator is currently available in Korea at a price of around 600 USD.

Link & Image : Samsung (Korea)


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