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Spiderman 3 : New Computer Case


Spiderman 3 : New Computer Case » image 01?

The name of?mod is “CMC/S3″ which stands for Cooler Master Contest / Spiderman 3. The mod is based on the upcoming and highly anticipated third installment in the Spiderman series, arriving in theaters May of 2007.

Spiderman 3 : New Computer Case » image 02


Spiderman 3 : New Computer Case » image 03

Spiderman 3 : New Computer Case » image 04

Spiderman 3 : New Computer Case » image 06

Spiderman 3 : New Computer Case » image 07

The parts list for CMC/S3

-?Cooler Master Real Power 450W PSU (1 point)
?- Cooler Master Praetorian PAC-T01 (2 points)

?- Cooler Master Thermal Grease (1 point)

?- Cooler Master 80mm red LED fan x 2 (2 points)

?- Cooler Master 120mm red LED fan for PSU (1 point)

?- AMD Athlon64 +3500 OC’ed to 2.7GhZ stable at 45C full load 37C no load

?- Sapphire 1900GT 256mb auto overclock

?- 1Gig G.Skill 2-2-2-5 1T at 400MHZ

?- 2 WD Caviar Hard Drives

?- Fatal1ty AN8 Motherboard

?- Fatal1ty Zalman VGA Cooler

?- Swiftech Pump

?- Primoflex Tubing 3/8?

?- Primochill Resevoir

?- DD Dual Micro Radiator

?- One Bulgin Vandal Switch Dot

?- Panasonic AO1 DVD Burner Optical Drive

?- PolarFlo water blocks

Spiderman 3 : New Computer Case » image 08

Spiderman 3 : New Computer Case » image 09

Spiderman 3 : New Computer Case » image 10

Spiderman 3 : New Computer Case » image 11

Spiderman 3 : New Computer Case » image 12

Here is Cooler Master Competition Mod Log Spider Man 3


Link & Image : CoolerMaster


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