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Resistor Man


Resistor Man » image 01

Create this cool piece of art from your electronic parts bin.

Resistor Man » image 02

step 1 Components

You’ll need:

- 8 resistors.
- 1 large resistor, or some other large long component with connectors in both ends. A capacitor might do, but they tend to have soft legs.. IC’s might be cool also.. use your imagination.
- 1 led, or other component suitable for posing as a head.
- 1 scrap circuit board. The one I used once held the pwr and hdd leds in a computer.
Resistor Man » image 03

step 2 Upper body

Connect the arms and head to the torso.

Resistor Man » image 04

step 3 Legs and hips

Now, create his legs.
Make sure to give him hips, the first one I made, didn’t get them, and he looked kinda strange.

Resistor Man » image 05

Resistor Man » image 06

step 4 Connect to ground

He now needs to be firmly connected to both ground and Vcc :p
Once he is connected, bend him into a comfortable position and place him where he belongs, on top of your monitor.
If he doesn’t work (as in walk, talk, eat, sleep and take over the world), please consult the circuit diagram and check if you’ve missed something :)

Resistor Man » image 07

Link & Images : instructables


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