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Palm Treo 680


Palm Treo 680 » image Resource2

A nicely priced smart phone that’s both user- and pocket-friendly.

Design and Ease of Use :

While not nearly as thin as the Samsung BlackJack or Motorola Q, the Treo 680 is certainly sleeker than earlier Palm designs, due in part to its internal antenna. The device weighs 5.5 ounces and measures 0.8 inches thick, compared with 6.3 ounces and 0.9 inches for the Treo 650. The 680 is also easier to hold than the 650, thanks to its tapered design and subtle grooves on either side of the device. All told, the phone isn’t exactly sexy but feels a lot lighter than it looks.

Palm Treo 680 » image Resource1
Features and Performance :
The Treo 680 carries over most of the Treo 650’s specs, including its Bluetooth 1.2 and quadband world phone capability. One welcome upgrade is the bump in user-accessible memory from 32MB to 64MB, allowing plenty of room to download one of the thousands of Palm OS applications.
When it comes to e-mail, the Treo 680 is a very capable device. It supports Cingular’s XpressMail, Exchange ActiveSync, and Good Mobile Messaging. Built-in wizards make it easy to set up personal accounts using AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and more. Business users will appreciate that, unlike Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition devices such as the Moto Q, Samsung BlackJack, and the T-Mobile Dash, this device can open and edit Word and Excel files. (And you don’t have to zoom in to see them.) The included copy of Documents to Go 8.0 supports Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, as well as PDFs.

Even without support for Cingular’s high-speed HSDPA network, the EDGE-enabled Treo 680 surfs the Web at a pretty good clip, thanks to Palm’s smart Blazer browser. You can start reading most Web pages within a few seconds, even if it takes the 680 longer than the Cingular 8525 and the Samsung BlackJack to completely download pages. Palm says that you should be able to stream audio and video, but when we tried playing a video on, the browser got stuck, and we couldn’t navigate to another site until we reset the device.
Palm Treo 680 OS?Palm OS v 5.4.9H

Processor?Intel PXA270 Processor


Bands?850/900/1800/1900 MHz



Display?2.6 inches (320 x 320 pixels, 65,000 colors)


Expansion?Secure Digital

Talk/Standby Time?4 hours/300 hours

Size?4.4 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches

Weight?5.5 ounces
?Link & Image : laptopmag


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