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E-TEN Announces the glofiish M700


E-TEN Announces the glofiish M700 » image wey-20061120-m700a?

If you were following news last week, you would have heard about rumours of an M700 from E-TEN. This time, it’s official. Much like its pal, the X500, it features quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, GPS (SiRFstar III) with TMC, an FM radio, an integrated camera, and Windows Mobile 5.0, except the M700 has the added bonus of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. No 3G support, it seems, but it still looks like a great all-in-one device. Interested in picking one up? Expect it to appear in authorized stores this month. A copy of the press release can be found after the break.

E-TEN Announces the glofiish M700 » image wey-20061120-m700b


“E-TEN Information Systems continues to create innovative Pocket PC Phones for mobile business users. Its latest release, the glofiish M700, is the first E-TEN Pocket PC Phone to feature a sliding QWERTY keyboard making it the optimum companion for messaging on the move. The product also supports a full compliment of communications standards and is currently the only device in this category to offer both Wi-Fi? and GPS.
E-TEN Announces the glofiish M700 » image wey-20061120-m700c


Just a few weeks ago, E-TEN captured headlines with two landmark announcements; the launch of a new consumer brand for Pocket PC Phones and accessories, glofiish, and the release of one of the world’s thinnest all-in-one communications devices, the glofiish X500. Today E-TEN brings to market the glofiish M700, a full-featured communications device optimized for rapid messaging and high mobile productivity.


E-TEN Announces the glofiish M700 » image wey-20061120-m700d


The glofiish M700 is set apart from traditional Pocket PC Phones, which rely on a touch screen and stylus for data input, by giving users the ability to enter contact details, write SMS text and email messages, or create and edit office documents while on the move more efficiently using a full-key QWERTY keyboard. Designed to achieve the right balance between ergonomics and size, the glofiish M700 incorporates a sliding mechanism to allow the keyboard to be covered when not in use, while EL backlit keys extend usability to almost any setting.

Based on the latest version of Windows Mobile 5.0, the glofiish M700 supports Direct Push Technology to help business users work more effectively with email even while out of the office and includes mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for greater convenience and productivity.


The glofiish M700 supports GSM, GPRS and high-speed EDGE for voice and data connectivity almost worldwide, while IEEE802.11b/g support allows users to connect to public and private Wi-FI? networks when in range of suitable hotspots. For travelers, the glofiish M700 also features GPS and TMC functions delivered via an embedded SiRF Star III chipset allowing the glofiish M700 to handle both daily business needs and weekend leisure.

Preloaded on the glofiish M700 are a number of E-TEN in-house developed value added software utilities including; M-Desk, an easy to use Program launcher, several phone and messaging tools, camera and image editing software, FM tuner, backup utility and more.

Link & Image : pocketpcthoughts?


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